Authority. Focus. Determination. Accuracy.

Falcon Adjusting Services prides itself on being the leading authority in claims processing. We provide superior adjusters who have the singular focus, drive, and determination to handle your claims with speed and accuracy. Whether it is a property, casualty, commercial loss, or a catastrophe, Falcon Adjusting Services has the ability to meet our clients’ specific needs with guaranteed customer satisfaction. We train our adjusters based on a client’s standards and provide a quality assurance staff to insure claims are completed in a timely and accurate manner.


When a major catastrophe hits you can count on Falcon Adjusting to be first.

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Flood Claims

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Falcon Adjusting Services is your number one resource for flood claims.

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Daily Claims

Falcon Adjusting is pleased to provide our clients with Daily Claims service.

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Commercial Losses

We can handle any & all commercial claims for any size company.

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Auto Appraisals

Falcon Adjusting is your primary source for all auto appraisal services.

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Administrative Support

We provide a quality assurance staff to insure all claims are done in a timely, accurate manner.

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